Our partner Mill in Lancashire and the family that run it, have been weaving cotton on the same spot for over 100 years. Together we weave beautiful selvedge denim on two 1950s Blackburn Northrop Shuttle looms. These looms produce a fabric which is unique and full of character.

Lancashire has an historical link to cotton weaving. Water running off the Pennines spun the water wheels that powered the looms. That water being soft was perfect for washing the cotton and the damp humid climate was perfect for keeping yarn moist.

When I made my first trip to the mill 7 years ago, getting off the train, I was struck by that moist air and the stark rugged beauty of my surroundings. I then made the long scenic drive through the hills and valleys of East Lancashire, with a heart full of hope but no firm idea of what I would find at my destination. Turning into the country lane that is the driveway and winding down the valley, following that same stream that powered the mills Arkwright wheel I was struck with the same feeling I had when I pulled up in front of Cone Mills. That the experience I was about to have was going to change the course of my life, as it has.