Our selvedge denim and Chino is woven in Lancashire which is the traditional home of the UK cotton industry, so for us there was never any question that we’d weave our denim anywhere else. Our Heritage starts right here.


When we first started out on the road of making denim locally we did so because we wanted to be sure that our denim was not going to impact on the environment. The pursuit of an ecologically and ethically sound denim was and still is paramount. So as a standard we always source our yarns as close to home as possible and only from suppliers that share our values. Our warp yarn is dyed with Dystar GOTS Version 4 Approved Pre Reduced Indigo and our weft yarns will always be Oeko-Tex 100 certified.


As you’ve probably guessed we’re really passionate about keeping it here. The reason being that we want to make a future for our manufacturing industry and keep alive the opportunity it may hold for future generations.